Sick Dog Receives Send-Off From Strangers

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Sometimes, saying goodbye is almost as beautiful as saying hello.

Meet Sparkle

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Sparkle is an 11-year-old corgi and beagle or basset hound mix adopted 10 years ago by Melora Rush from a rescue in New Hampshire called Mary’s Dogs.

She’s Loved By Many


Sparkle is quite famous around their neighborhood in Somerville, Massachusetts because of her friendly wags and welcoming attitude.

She Loves Seeing People


Sparkle used to go in and out of the house whenever she liked. She’s held by a long tie-out which allows her to move around the yard and go back into the house without the risk of her getting lost.

She’s Sick


Years passed by and Sparkle got older and older. Eventually, her owners received devastating news. Melora said, “We knew she had a serious infection in her jaw earlier this summer. We treated that with various antibiotics but it continued to be a problem. A second biopsy, about a month ago, revealed the tumor in her jaw.”

Her Last Days

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Considering Sparkle’s condition, Melora put out a new sign on their front yard. “It is time to give Sparkle extra love. Sparkle has cancer in her upper jaw, which sadly cannot be cured. She is being treated as needed with antibiotics (for secondary infection) and pain medications.”

People Come To Her


Despite the pandemic, people have been visiting to give Sparkle a little extra love. They have sent gifts, care packages, and treats.

More Time Indoors


Melora also said in her sign, “We hope she will continue to be with us for several more months, but we cannot know. Depending on her daily condition, she may be spending more time inside these days. If you see her outside please continue to love her (gently), but avoid touching the side of her face, because it may be swollen and sensitive, and there may be some bleeding.”

Visitors Keep On Coming

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Sparkle is evidently getting a great send-off. Her guests keep on coming one after another. Everyone knows that she’s a sweet girl getting the love and attention she deserves.

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