Empty Nesters Pose For Comical Photoshoot After Kids Move Out

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Kids are a major source of noise in the house, and when the time comes for them to move out, parents have different responses to it.

The Empty-Nester Stage


If a couple’s last child is all grown up and about to leave home or they have already moved out, they might be experiencing some mixed emotions.

Mitch And Betsy Celebrate

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59-year-old Mitch Henslee and 50-year-old Betsy Henslee of Beaumont, Texas couldn’t help but celebrate the new season in their life as a couple.

The End Of An Era

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Their kids’ ages are 18, 21, and 30, so it’s definitely time for their youngest to move out and leave the parents on their own.

Getting An Idea

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Betsy told Fox News, “When I was looking for a photo of poses for a senior shoot for my 21-year-old I found an empty nester photoshoot and I thought, ‘I’m going to do that when my youngest leaves.'”

So They Did


When their 18-year-old finally moved out, they called Bee Photography to capture their celebratory photos of being empty-nesters.

“So Sad”

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Their photoshoot began with Mitch and Betsy standing in front of their home looking sad and holding a sign with a broken heart that reads “So Sad…”

“Just Playing”

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But in the succeeding photos, the couple flips the sign and it now reads “hahaha… Just Playing!” and that’s when the party began.

Meant For Fun

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Betsy said, “It was really just meant for us for fun. It’s our personality we like to have fun as a family.” So there’s no reason to misinterpret their photoshoot as an offense.

A Rediscovered Freedom

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Their photoshoot shows them popping bottles, blasting confetti, and standing playfully behind a sign that said “Expecting 0 Kids!” while holding a balloon. They laughed, danced, kissed, and celebrated their rediscovered freedom while waiting for their kids to visit on the next holidays for sure.

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