Brave Firefighters Reunite With The Baby They Helped Deliver 22 Years Ago

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They say that it’s not a good idea to meet your heroes, but for this young lady, finally meeting and getting to know the people who were the reason for her existence was the best day ever.

An Emergency


On November 9, 2000, firefighters Hepler, Holmes, and FF Brock responded to a medical call in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

A Pregnant Woman


They arrived at the house and found a woman who was about to give birth, and the baby’s grandmother was oblivious as to what was happening that day.

Waiting For Help


One of the firefighters recalled, “The grandma said: ‘We didn’t call you, firefighters.’ I said: ‘Ma’am, as soon as the ambulance gets here, we’ll back out’.”

The Baby Was Coming


Unfortunately, the EMT driver of the ambulance had gone on a wrong turn and the mother told the firefighters that the baby was coming so the three men who, luckily, had undergone training for similar emergencies, decided to help deliver the baby on the spot.

Successful Delivery


They had a hard time delivering the baby as the umbilical cord had been wrapped around her neck. Good thing, the firemen knew what they were doing and baby Janae was born at 6:27 that morning.

6 Months Later

YouTube, FOX8 WGHP

Six months after baby Janae’s birth, her grandma arranged for the firefighters to reunite with her and they were very happy to see her. However, she never saw them again until recently.

After 22 Years

YouTube, FOX8 WGHP

Janae is now 22 years old and she just found out how special her birth was. Her grandma again made an arrangement for her to meet the three firefighters who helped her mom with the delivery 22 years ago.

They’re Happy For Her

YouTube, FOX8 WGHP

They were all excited to meet each other. Janae was shy at first but she eventually connected with her three heroes. One of the firemen said, “I was just so happy that she made it through life to be the person she is now.”

Watch Janae’s reunion with the three firefighters who helped deliver her into the world in the video below.

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