Fireman Helps Deliver His Granddaughter At The Fire Station

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Life is full of surprises. You may be on your way to the birthing center but fate turns out to have different plans.

Meet Hannah

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Hannah Langston is an 18-year-old young woman who had an unforgettable birthing experience.

She’s Giving Birth


She was already in labor and was on her way to the birthing center with her husband, Christopher, and her mom, April, but they had to have a stopover first.

Bathroom Break


Hannah badly needed to use the bathroom so they stopped by the Austell Fire Station where her dad, Bret, is stationed as a fireman.

Emergency Delivery

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However, when Hannah stepped out of the car, she instantly felt that the baby was already coming out, so Bret and the other firemen stepped in to help deliver her baby, Adalyn.

Proud Grandpa

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This wasn’t the first time Bret was able to deliver a baby, though, but he admitted he always wished they could follow up and know what happened to the moms and babies. Luckily, this time, he’ll be able to catch up with the mom and the baby he helped.

Everything’s A Surprise

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Hannah’s mom was also overjoyed with how it all turned out. She said, “I joke with people, she was a surprise baby, she had a surprise birth, everything about her is just, a surprise. It was unexpected, unusual, but it was a blessing and I wouldn’t change it. Everything went well.”

Special People, Special Place


Hannah took Adalyn back to the station after 12 days, and she promised to always bring her to the station to visit her grandpa and the other firefighters who helped deliver her.

Young Mom

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Hannah experienced and learned a lot that day, but what she realized was how the experience made her stronger. She said, “… I am stronger than I think. I definitely feel a lot stronger now, after giving birth at a fire station.”

Watch the amazing story of little Adalyn’s birth at the fire station in the video below.

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