Fisherman Saves A Woman’s Life After Reporting A Submerged Jeep In Lake

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Being aware of our surroundings can be a great help to people around us – especially to those who are not able to ask for help.

Out On The Lake


A local fisherman named Justin Pennington was fishing on the south side of Lake o’ the Pines near Dallas, Texas when he was about to save someone’s life.

A Mysterious Jeep

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Justin spotted a submerged vehicle on the other side of the lake, about forty feet from Woody’s Camp boat ramp.

He Called The Authorities


He called the Marion County Sheriff’s Office to report the vehicle, and the local authorities arrived after about 18 minutes.

There’s A Woman Inside

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The rescuers used a tow truck to retrieve the vehicle from the water, and they were all surprised to find a woman inside the Jeep.

He Didn’t Know

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Justin was also shocked when he saw the rescuers lifting a woman from the vehicle. He said he didn’t know there was actually a person in there when he made the report, and he’s glad he made the call before it was too late for her.

How She Survived

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Fortunately, the woman was still breathing when she was found. The rescuers pointed out that only 90% of the Jeep was submerged in the water, and the woman must have used the portion of the roof that was still on top of the surface as an air pocket to breathe.

She Was Missing


After further investigation, the authorities discovered that the woman was listed as missing by the Longview Texas Police Department two days before.

She’s Okay


After the woman was removed from the submerged vehicle, they brought her to shore and placed her inside the car to warm her up. The emergency services took care of her and treated her for hypothermia before taking her to the local hospital for further evaluation.

Watch how a local fisherman’s report saved a woman’s life in the video below.

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