95-Year-Old Grandpa Fights For His Life To Be His Granddaughter’s “Flower Grandpa” At Wedding

Stories like this serve as a gentle reminder of the beauty in the little things in life in a world where remarkable events frequently go by too fast.

Meet Bert

Bert Edlin is a wonderful grandfather to his grandchildren who loves taking part in their important life events.

A Promise

He made a promise to his granddaughter, Rachel Pitman, that he would be the “flower grandpa” at her wedding.

An Accident

Sadly, sixteen months before Rachel’s wedding, Bert had a catastrophic fall, and the doctors were not optimistic about his condition. They suggested that his chances of walking, talking, or eating again were slim.

But He Fought

Bert, nevertheless, was never one to give up quickly. During his recovery, he gave Rachel a message that said, “I will make it to your wedding,” a simple but powerful promise to a loved one.

He Made It!

Surpassing all expectations, Bert miraculously recovered, and there he was, the “flower grandpa”, walking elegantly into the wedding carrying a basket full of flowers and arm in arm with a bridesmaid.

A Celebration Of Life

The guests burst into cheers as he walked down the aisle, scattering flowers. For him this was not only a ceremonial part in his granddaughter’s wedding, but also a celebration of his amazing journey and recovery.

Instant Celebrity

Inspired by the love and support she received, Rachel posted a video of her beloved grandfather during the wedding on TikTok, and it’s gained more than 2 million views.

Love You, Grandpa

Bert’s story is powerful evidence of resiliency, love, and the triumph of the human spirit. As Rachel showed her appreciation and gratitude to him, she said, “You’re the most determined person I know and I feel so lucky to call you my Grandad.”

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