Noble Man Who Grew Up In Foster Care Adopts 5 Siblings

Our struggles can also be used as motivations for us to make a change not only in our lives but in other people’s lives as well.

Meet Robert

Robert Carter is a 33-year-old business owner from Cincinnati who just changed the lives of five siblings who used to be separated from each other.

His Story

Robert was the eldest among the 9 children of his single-parent mom. Sadly, she was struggling with alcoholism so she wasn’t able to properly care for them.

His Responsibilities

Robert was left with no choice but to become his younger siblings’ guardian at a young age. But despite the hardships, Robert avoided drugs and alcohol because he didn’t want to repeat his parents’ mistakes.

Life Goes On

Robert got separated from his siblings when he was placed in foster care at 13 years old. He had been placed in two foster homes, and when he turned 16, he began living on his own and took on three jobs to survive.

He’s A Foster Parent

In 2018, Robert started fostering three young boys who were brothers. One day, he overheard them talking about their sisters he didn’t know they had, and he knew he needed to do something about it.

He Found Them

He contacted a Cincinnati foster care agency and asked for their help in finding the boys’ missing sisters. Eventually, he learned that each of the five children had been placed in foster care and then got separated.

They’re Reunited

Robert found the two girls and reunited them with their brothers. He then went on and processed the children’s adoption so they could all grow up together. Robert said, “I feel like I just used my trauma and my hurting stuff to be my fuel, to keep going and to want better and want to help people and do better in life.”

Happy Family

All five siblings are now living happily with Robert. They’re even helping him around his salon, which is their family’s primary source of income.

Watch how Robert became a foster and official parent after years of being in the foster system himself in the video below.

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