Rescue Dog Becomes Best Friends With Domesticated Fox

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Friends make life so much brighter. Their mere existence lightens our burdens and whenever they’re around, we know we don’t have to worry so much because we know they always got our back.

Natural Habitat


Foxes are not usually taken as pets. They’re only usually found in forests as they’re considered wild animals because of their natural instincts and feral characteristics.

Meet Juniper

Instagram, juniperfoxx

Juniper is a lovely fox who became famous because of her video of mistaking a white bed sheet for snow.

Her Mom’s Struggles


Despite the joy Juniper brings into her home, her mom transparently said that it’s not easy to take care of foxes. She said, “Foxes are not like dogs. While they may display some characteristics similar to dogs these animals have not been bred to want to please people, while dogs on the other hand have.”

She Has A Hard Time Making Friends

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Juniper loves dogs but dogs get uncomfortable around her because foxes have different body language than them.

Moose Gets Her

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If there is one dog who gets Juniper’s uniqueness, that would be Moose, her “sibling,” who is a rescue Australian Shepherd/Malamute mix.

He Can Handle Her

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Unlike other dogs, Moose is very comfortable with his sibling fox. They love playing and spending time together.

They Get Along

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Although Juniper doesn’t like to go swimming in a puddle with Moose, the playful dog still finds ways to bond and play with the fox by cuddling, hiding things around the house, and laughing together.

Opposites Attract

Instagram, juniperfoxx

There are times when Juniper would become extra playful and energetic, but Moose knows how to balance it out by staying calm and at ease around his fox friend.

Watch the adorable friendship between Juniper and Moose in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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