Sweet Baby Has Too Much Fun Playing With The Cat

Rumble, CalleAnne

Like adults, babies also know how to have fun, and this little girl has found a way to amuse herself.

Their Usual Toys


As toddlers, we used to have a particular stuffed toy we didn’t want to let go of because it gave us security and comfort, but this little girl has a special attachment to their cat instead of a usual toy.

The Importance Of Playing


Most of us know that allowing little children to play positively affects the child in many aspects such as their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. That’s why we find other kids to introduce to our children as friends.

Her Little Friend

Rumble, CalleAnne

However, this little girl did not have to go out of the house to meet and play with a friend because she already has one – their cat.

Unusually Playful


Contrary to a feline’s lazy image, this cat is unusually energetic and playful which makes her a good playmate for the toddler.

Adorable Giggles

Rumble, CalleAnne

The little girl can’t stop giggling and laughing as the cat chases the jingling rod that she’s holding.

She Got Up

Rumble, CalleAnne

The cat wants to take the chasing seriously so she even stands up to eagerly get her hands on the rod, which makes the baby laugh even harder.

“I’m Done”


At the end of the video, the cat must have gotten tired so she just walked away from the amused baby.

Good Companions


While some people think that cats are snobby or unfriendly, recent studies say that cats can also make great companions and pets not just to adults but even to little children too.

Watch how the little girl has fun playing with her cat in the video below.

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