Giddy Cow Runs Fast When Called By Owner

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We get excited when we hear, see, or even just smell something about our favorite things. For animals, hearing their best friend’s voice is something that brings them joy.

Lovable Pets


Pets make life so much brighter. Aside from the thought that someone’s always waiting for you to come home, you instantly have a best friend who’s always there for you.

A Unique Pet


When we talk about pets, the things that come to mind are the small animals that are easy to keep in our houses like dogs and cats, but who knew that cows make great pets too?

Hearing The Call


On a beautiful open field, a cow was just having some time alone exploring the grass when he heard a sudden call from a familiar voice.

Who’s That?

Rumble, amerbadbass

The cow must have taken a few glances at the fence to make sure that it’s his owner who’s calling him before he rushed toward his human friend.

Run Like A Puppy


The cow’s hooves are too fast that he’s instantly near the fence that was a few meters away from him earlier.

Jumping Up And Down

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The adorable cow made a few bounces before finally reaching the fence where his friend was waiting for him.

Big Friend With A Big Heart

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His gestures of excitement show that he’s taken really good care of by his owner.

Where Are My Scratches?

Rumble, amerbadbass

When he’s reached the fence, he greets his human and waits for some scratches from his friend.

Watch the adorable cow’s reaction when he heard his owner’s voice in the video below.

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