Gifted Pianist Plays Beautiful Cover Of “The Sound Of Silence”

YouTube, Gamazda

Music influences our mood in a way we can’t explain. It’s definitely one of its wonders.

Playing The Keys


It’s interesting how the pianists’ fingertips move gracefully from one key to another to produce calming music.

Meet Gamazda

YouTube, Gamazda

Alexandra Kuznetsova, also known as Gamazda, is one of the most talented pianists who covers a wide range of genres from classical to rock and roll.

Musically-Inclined Family


Gamazda was born in Moscow into a musical family. She was just three years old when she first sat down in front of a piano.

Pursuing Her Passion


Gamazda graduated with honors from the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory, a higher music education institution in Moscow, in 2014.

Her Specialty

YouTube, Gamazda

She usually covers popular rock ‘n’ roll hits and has established an online presence through her YouTube channel.

How She Started


The talented pianist said, “When I started my YouTube channel, I didn’t even expect that I’d get this result. I thought I’ll play songs that I like and maybe someone like my covers and it will be a small place for like-minded people.”

A Captivating Cover

YouTube, Gamazda

One of the most famous videos she created was her piano cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” wherein she was also playing a xylophone at the beginning.

She’s Being Recognized


Gamazda can’t believe the support she’s receiving. She said, “It was a big surprise to me when a lot of people have started supporting me and when such big bands like Red Hot Chili Papers, Tool, Papa Roach gave great feedback about my covers. It’s all still unbelievable to me!”

Watch Gamazda’s riveting piano cover of “The Sound of Silence” in the video below.

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