Little Girl “High Fives” Priest During Blessing

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Kids can make us laugh in their own oblivious ways. Maybe this is why there are lots of people who love being around little children.

Religious Values


Raising a child in a religious environment is one of the most common ways parents build their kid’s moral character.

Carefree Attitude


However, no matter how hard parents try to teach children how to always present themselves as prim and proper, there are just moments when little kids do silly things just because they feel like doing them.

Parents’ Reaction


When their kids do something embarrassing, the parents’ default is to immediately apologize and flee from the scene, but what if you’re in the center stage, and you can’t just walk out because of your child’s action?

A Church Scene


When a woman and her daughter walk up to the altar toward the priest, the congregation is expecting some solemn and spiritual event with the little girl.

Time For The Blessing

YouTube, RM Videos

When it is the priest’s cue to bless the little girl, the kid’s response is totally unexpected.

Up Here

YouTube, RM Videos

The priest reaches out his hand toward the little girl’s head, but the latter has a different interpretation of the priest’s gesture. So in response, she tip-toes and gives him a high five in front of the crowd.

Lightening Up The Mood

YouTube, RM Videos

You can see the secondhand embarrassment of the mother when she tells the little kid that what she did was not what she was supposed to do, but the priest, instead of being insulted, shows a smile that adores the little kid’s innocence.

A Good Laugh


Even the audience laughed at the little girl’s moment at the altar. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why Jesus is fond of little children – because of their adorable innocence and carefreeness.

Watch the funny little girl’s response to the priest’s blessing in the video below.

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