Golden Retriever Dad Meets His Babies For The First Time

There’s a sense of pride in every parent when they see their little kid/s for the first time.

A Parent’s Love

A parent’s love is incomparable, and we’re not only talking about human parents because animals also see their offspring in a special way.

Like This New Dad

This Golden Retriever is now a dad of 11 newborn puppies and he just met his little babies for the first time.

Who Are They?

At first, he was quite hesitant to approach the enclosure where his puppies are nestled, but at the same time, there’s also a sense of curiosity on his face.

Careful Steps

His owner opened the door and let him in, but he was still extra cautious around the little pups.


The dad sniffed the tiny puppies gently one by one as if he was familiarizing himself with their scent.

Getting More Comfy

Good thing, his owner was there with him, accompanying him as he got more comfortable around his little ones.

Bonding Time

Eventually, the Golden Retriever dad decided to lie down next to his puppies, along with his owner, and he really looked like a proud papa at that moment.

Protective Dad

The dad spent a few more minutes with his puppies. He looked at them with eyes of love and you can see on his face how willing he is to protect them at all costs.

Watch this new Golden Retriever dad’s reaction to seeing his little babies for the first time in the video below.

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