Owners Surprise Golden Retriever With His Favorite Toy As Mascot

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This lovable dog must have had the best day of his life.

Favorite Toys


When we were kids, we all had that one toy that we just couldn’t let go of no matter where we went or what we did.

Getting Attached


We’ve developed a special kind of attachment to these toys over time, and no matter how old we get, they will always remain a significant part of our childhood.

Meet Charlie


Charlie is a lovable Golden Retriever who also has his very own favorite toy.

Mr. Quackers

YouTube, Charlie The Golden 18

Charlie has a stuffed toy duck named Mr. Quackers whom he loves so much. His mom, Alicia, said, “I noticed he would take it wherever he went and even slept with it at night.”

A Surprise

YouTube, Charlie The Golden 18

One day, Alicia found a costume that looked a lot like Mr. Quackers but in human size randomly at a store so she and her husband decided to surprise Charlie with it.

He Had No Clue

YouTube, Charlie The Golden 18

Alicia’s husband wore the costume while she recorded the moment through her phone. Her husband quietly sneaked up behind Charlie who was biting on his Mr. Quackers.

His Reaction

YouTube, Charlie The Golden 18

Upon seeing him, Charlie immediately jumped on the giant Mr. Quackers. He couldn’t contain his excitement as his tail was wagging enthusiastically and his feet were dancing eagerly.

A Dream Come True

YouTube, Charlie The Golden 18

Charlie couldn’t wait to play with his best friend whom he was only used to carrying around. Now he can actually cuddle and play chase with him.

Watch how Alicia and her husband successfully surprised Charlie in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

Source: Animal Channel

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