Sweet Golden Retrievers Watch Over Their Newborn Puppies

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Parenthood is both a tiring and fulfilling job, and we bet these Golden Retrievers will agree to that.

Little Bundles Of Joy


A lot of people will agree that cute little puppies are effective stress-relievers. Even just staring at them can make a person’s day a lot better.

Parents’ Pride


As much as a dog owner is delighted to see their pet dog become a mom, it brings more pride to the mama and papa dog to see their little babies finally with them.

Great News


When the owner of two golden retrievers found out that the female one was pregnant, she was excited.

Her Due Date Is Coming


Weeks went by, and the expectant mother dog’s tummy became larger and larger as the puppies inside her also grew in size.

It’s Time!

YouTube, Viral Paws

When the big day came and the pregnant dog went into labor, her owner and the father-to-be were there to support and comfort her during delivery.

Seven Little Babies

YouTube, Viral Paws

The happy mama gave birth to seven adorable puppies so the owner put on a little collar on each puppy so they knew who was who.

Watching Over Them

YouTube, Viral Paws

The parents looked at their little ones with so much love and adoration. They must be overflowing with joy that their babies are all healthy.

A Happy Family

YouTube, Viral Paws

Eventually, the puppies all nursed from the mother as the father laid across from the mother with his arms intertwined with hers.

Watch the happy family’s joyous moments in the video below.

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