Scared Dog In Animal Shelter Has The Sweetest Reaction To Being Told He’s A Good Boy

The emotional needs of animals and the significant influence that positive reinforcement can have on their well-being are powerfully brought to light by this story.

Meet Rocky

Rocky Kanaka is a rescuer with a big online following whose main content is about the stories of dogs in animal shelters.

Apple Of His Eye

When he visited the animal shelter once more one day, this brown and lonely dog caught his attention.

Meet Bear

His name is Bear, a mixed breed of Doberman and Pinscher.

Gentle Approach

Rocky slowly approached Bear in a cautious but gentle manner. In addition to offering comfort, his approach made sure the dog didn’t feel overwhelmed or in danger.

Things To Note

Rocky talked about the importance of patience and empathy while dealing with dogs in the process of recovery while comfortably sitting beside Bear.

A Good Boy

Eventually, Bear began to react to Rocky’s gestures. When Rocky repeatedly tells Bear he’s a good boy, the shy dog starts wagging his tail. These simple words might’ve been the first words of affirmation that Bear’s ever received.

The Dilemma

After that, Rocky dug into Bear’s past and learned that he was found by a kind stranger and had a microchip that identified his owner, which raised questions about Bear’s past and the things that led to his current state.

His Decision

In the latter part of the video, Rocky declared that he would pay for Bear’s adoption cost and make sure Sundays for Dogs would provide him with a year’s worth of nutritious dog food.

New Family

Bear’s story spread like wildfire, thanks to Rocky’s video. It drew the attention of a man who fell head over heels in love with Bear. Rocky eventually made the thrilling announcement on his website, “Bear was taken in by adoption! He managed to get his new father’s attention because of everyone who shared his story. Thank you so much, everyone!”

Watch Bear’s moving story in the video below.

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