Sweet Gopher Pops Out Of Hole And Kisses Curious Dog

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Cute scenes that happen randomly are the best ones to get captured on camera. It’s a good thing this dog’s owner had her phone ready when this adorable encounter took place.

Meet Fiona

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Fiona is a Great Pyrenees who lives with her mom, Sarah, in San Francisco.

Daily Routine


Every day, Sarah and Fiona go out for a walk and playtime at Golden Gate Park where the doggo runs around in the park, enjoys the fresh air, and gets some exercise.

Curious Doggo

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Dogs are naturally curious animals, so when Fiona noticed a hole in the ground, she couldn’t help but wonder what was in it.

Little Critter


Fiona hung around the hole to investigate until the little critter who was creating these holes popped out.

Tiny Gopher

Rumble, Sminkus

A tiny gopher jumped out of the hole and said hello to Fiona. That’s when their adorable friendship started, and according to Sarah, “Their interactions are so gentle and sweet.”

Sweet Kiss

Rumble, Sminkus

At first, the two animals just stared at each other, but on the second time that the gopher popped its head out of the hole, Fiona slowly went in for a little kiss.

Sweet Creatures


Like any other pet dog, Fiona is sweet, loving, and clingy, and it shows with the way she reacted to her new little friend.

Her Other Interests


Sarah said that Fiona is not only fascinated with gophers. She said, “Fiona’s favorite activities are searching for squirrels and I yell out ‘squirrelly’ and we run from tree to tree together to try and find them. They have never let her get close though. She cries at the bottom of the tree.”

Watch Fiona’s sweet interaction with a tiny gopher in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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