University Graduate Tucks Newborn Under Her Gown During Ceremony

This story is more than just one of academic achievement; it is evidence of the strength of a mother’s love, the power of determination, and the capacity to handle life’s responsibilities with dignity and commitment.

Meet Grace

Grace Szymchack is a 24-year-old mom of two beautiful girls.

Getting Her Degree

The early arrival of her youngest baby had wonderfully disturbed her plans to graduate from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Her Due Date

Grace had notified the school administration that her baby was due on December 15, which was after her graduation date, but life had a delightful surprise in store, and baby Annebelle arrived early on December 6.

A Solution

But Grace was determined to attend the graduation, so she tucked her 10-day-old daughter snuggly into her graduation gown. This way, she may attend the ceremony with her little girl close to her side.

Mom’s Idea

Her mother came up with the idea the day before her graduation. “My mom, the day before, said, ‘Just wear her on you, underneath your gown. No one will notice. It’ll be OK,’ ” Grace recounted so she carried out her plan and brought her daughter along for the entire time.

The Big Day

Grace was a picture of happiness and success on her graduation day. She was a proud graduate and mother — dressed in her cap and gown, with her daughter curled up in a black sling and covered in a white blanket.

It Went Well

Amazingly, some guests were not able to realize that her daughter was there because of how well-behaved she was all throughout the ceremony.

Best Mom

Grace saw her daughter’s presence at her graduation ceremony as more than just a practical choice—rather, it represented her journey. It stood for the years of effort she had invested, juggling her studies, career, marriage, and now parenthood across a six-year period.

Watch how Grace celebrated a milestone in her life with her little baby in the video below.

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