Wise Grandma Outsmarts Scammers Twice


This grandma’s story serves as a powerful reminder that when your gut feeling tells you that something feels off, you should definitely listen to it.

Meet Mabel

Mabel Berald is a loving grandma who has dealt with scammers twice and was able to wittingly deal with them both times.

A Surprising Phone Call

One morning, she received an unsettling phone call that no grandmother would want to receive.

Worrying News

The unknown caller informed her that her 16-year-old grandson, Mitchell, was caught by the police with illegal substances in his car.

He Needs Help

The caller told her that she needed to send $88,000 for Mitchell’s release.

Probing Question

Instead of panicking, Mabel asked the caller for her grandson’s last name. The scammer realizing that Mabel was on to him, swiftly hung up.

He’s Okay

To make sure Mitchell was in no trouble, Mabel immediately called him and confirmed that he was safe at home.

Not The First Time

Sadly, this was not the first time she had to deal with this. Previously, she also received a call prompting her to withdraw $7,500 due to an incident that also involved her grandson.

She Outsmarted Them

A taxi was sent to take her to her bank. But she realized something was wrong when she asked about the fare. She said, “I don’t know what made me think about it, but I said to the cab driver, I said, ‘Who’s paying for this cab?’ and he said, ‘I was.’ I said, ‘Oh no, I’m not. I’m not paying for you. I didn’t call for you.'”

Be Vigilant

Although no one wants to be put in these types of situations, let alone more than once, Mabel’s story is proof of why we always need to be wary and use common sense before jumping to conclusions that could lead to a lot of damage.

Watch how Mabel dealt with heartless scammers in the video below.

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