Grieving Woman Sees Dog-Shaped Cloud After Her Dog Passed Away

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When someone we care about suddenly disappears from our life, it can be really heartbreaking and extremely devastating.

Meet Lucy

Instagram, lucyledgeway

19-year-old Lucy Ledgeway felt the kind of sadness that a person feels when they lose a loved one.

Meet Summer

Instagram, lucyledgeway

Lucy was just 6 years old when her family got a Parson Russell Terrier named Summer who was just 1 year old at the time.

They’re Best Friends


Lucy grew up with Summer. They spent a lot of time and shared a lot of memories together.

Summer Got Sick


Sadly, Summer had a lot of health issues. She was diagnosed with diabetes and her family was told she only had 12-15 months to live.

She Became Weak

Instagram, lucyledgeway

Sunny started getting weak in June and a few days before she passed away she was having trouble going to the bathroom and was throwing up.

A Difficult Decision


Considering Summer’s situation, her family came up with the difficult discussion of having her euthanized to end her suffering.

But She Became Well


The following day, Summer was in bed up until around 2 PM. Lucy’s brother opened a bag of chips and started eating and when Summer started sniffing up, it gave Lucy’s family a bit of hope that she would be alright.

Time For Goodbye


However, that was Summer’s last day with her family. She passed away after having a seizure the next morning on her way to the vet. Lucy was heartbroken so her boyfriend took her out for a drive.

Sunny Was There

Twitter, LLedgeway

As Lucy and her boyfriend were driving through Clifton Ings, a place where Sunny used to go for walks, the two of them saw a cloud formation that looked exactly like Summer. Lucy said, “When I saw her face I laughed to myself, ‘that’s my girl,’ knowing it was her letting us all know she’s OK.”

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