College Students Collect $3500 To Help Security Guard Travel Home To Nigeria

These students’ kind gesture did not only touch hearts but also made someone’s dream come true.


At Providence College in Rhode Island, students living on the fourth floor of Raymond Hall have formed a bond akin to a “family”.

Part Of The Family

James Mogaji, the Raymond Hall resident hall security guard, is one of the most important members of this so-called family.

“One Of Their Own”

He has become a vital part of the students’ lives because of his kind demeanor. Sophomore Daniel Singh said, “He is someone that you are drawn towards. He is really kind and compassionate.”

Away From Home

When the students learned that James hadn’t seen his family in Nigeria for over a decade, they decided they needed to do something for him. Freshman Brandon Reichert said, “Once we learned that James hadn’t seen his family in over a decade, that’s what kickstarted this for us. We take care of our own and we firmly believe that James is one of our own.”

Goal Reached

On February 29, the students launched a fundraiser to help James come home to his family. They received nearly 800 donations and surpassed their original goal of $3000.

Big Surprise

On March 6, the students gathered around James and sang him “Happy Birthday”. He was already very grateful as it was his first time celebrating his birthday with “friends” since arriving in the country.

There’s More

Later on, the students presented him with an envelope containing $3,000 to help cover his travel expenses to Nigeria.

His Reaction

James was visibly moved by the teens’ kind gesture. He was covering his face with his hands and falling to his knees in shock. “We take care of our own. That’s what we do at PC,” said Danny, a Raymond Hall resident assistant.

Watch James’s priceless reaction after the students revealed their gift to him in the video below.

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