14-Pound Baby Breaks Hospital Record For Heaviest Newborn Baby

Giving birth is one of the most daunting but beautiful things in the world. It’s amazing how mothers are able to form little human beings inside their wombs and courageously give birth to them.

Meet Sonny

Sonny is indeed a bouncing baby boy after he broke the hospital’s record with his astonishing weight upon being born.

His Birthday

He was born on a Tuesday at Ontario’s Cambridge Memorial Hospital, weighing an astonishing 14 pounds and eight ounces.

New Record

Sonny’s weight broke the hospital’s previous records, making him the largest newborn ever measured in the facility’s records since 2010.

Wondrous Moment

According to his mom’s Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Dr. Asa Ahimbisibwe, Sonny was born with a “big, chunky head,” which took his mom extra effort to push him out.

They Were Amazed

But the moment he was finally born, the room erupted in amazed shouts as his birth was an incredible event that stunned everyone, even the highly skilled medical staff.

They Couldn’t Believe It

Motivated by a combination of professional curiosity and awe at Sonny’s weight, medical professionals and nurses started coming to see him. Before the scale finally verified his enormous weight, it even had to be calibrated multiple times.


Throughout the years that Cambridge Memorial Hospital has been maintaining birth records, they have never had a newborn quite the size of Sonny. This particular detail sets Sonny’s birth apart not only from other hospital birth records but also from the history of the institution in general.

The Most Important Thing

As for his parents, Britteney and Chance Ayres, they were ultimately relieved that their fifth and final child was born healthy, which is the most important thing in the world.

Watch the people’s reaction to Sonny’s astonishing newborn weight in the video below.

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