75-Year-Old Woman Finally Receives Help After Suffering For Months Without A/C

It’s quite impossible to survive today’s scorching heat without the help of technology, specifically, air-conditioning.

Meet Peggy

Peggy Moore is a 75-year-old woman from Kansas City who’d been trying so hard to endure the heat because of her broken A/C.

Blistering Heat

The temperature inside Peggy’s home would regularly hit the 90-degree mark, causing her headaches and draining her energy.

No Change

Back in February, Peggy paid $5,000 to get her A/C unit fixed, but her situation didn’t improve.

Summer Arrived

When summer came, things only became worse for Peggy. She was too exhausted from the summer heat to do anything around her house. She said, “I’m so hot, I can’t do anything, I can’t clean my house, I can’t do anything.”

Good For Nothing

When Gregg Fowler, the repairman Peggy had paid $5000 to, finally reappeared, he claimed he hadn’t heard from Peggy since their initial agreement and insisted that her A/C unit had been replaced, but Peggy’s home temperature says otherwise.

Harry Stepped In

Eventually, Harry Frame from Service 1st Contractors heard about Peggy’s story through Fox 4 Problem Solvers and offered his service to get her A/C running.

Free Of Charge

More than Harry’s initiative to help, Peggy was even more surprised when he said he wouldn’t charge her for anything, and this restored the 75-year-old woman’s faith in the goodness of people.

Problem Solved

Harry was humbled by Peggy’s gratitude. It’s made it his mission to do simple things for other people as much as he can. He said, “There are a lot of problems in the world these days, so anybody that can reach out and just do a little good for somebody—it needs to happen more often.”

Watch how Harry drastically changed things for Peggy in the video below.

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