18-Year-Old Girl Now Lives In House She Helped Build

She’s not just opening the door to her new house but also a world of great opportunities and limitless possibilities.

Meet Victoria

Victoria Turner is an 18-year-old from Colorado Springs who is now a homeowner.

Life-Changing Class

Three years ago, she joined a class at Liberty High School in Academy District 20 where they embraced the challenge of constructing a house from the ground up.

Childhood Dream

She said she’s always dreamt of being in construction. She said, “Since I was seven or eight, I wanted to go into construction because I wanted to be like my brother. Four years ago, when I realized I could be a part of a class where we build a house, I thought it’d be a good idea. So I applied.”

Finished Project

Victoria and her classmates finished the project in her senior year, and she thought her journey with the house was done at that point. She said, “We would be building the house three hours a day, but we did it every other day, so six to nine hours a week.”

Great Idea

One day, Victoria overheard their student liaison and Mr. Hernandez, their construction class teacher, talking about some guy who wanted to buy the house that they built, and then she made a joke about how if her mom bought it, “it would be the biggest take-home project ever”.

Her Mom Did

Victoria was surprised when her mom took her “joke” seriously and agreed to buy the house for her. And when she brought it up to Mr. Hernandez, he said he would rather her family have it than anyone else.

Her Own House

So long story short, Victoria’s parents bought the house. They transported it to her parents’ property, and she and her sister moved in.

Life’s Good

Victoria recently received her high school diploma. She started a new career in the roofing industry and she hopes more girls will be motivated to follow her example.

Watch how Victoria became a homeowner at such a young age in the video below.

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