Brave Herd Dog Fights 11 Coyotes To Defend Sheep

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Dogs are reliable animals. You can depend on them for company and protection. That’s probably why they’re called man’s best friend.

Uninvited Visitors

YouTube, 11Alive

On November 3 at around 9 PM, John Wierwille found a pack of coyotes around his home.

Their Target


They were probably eyeing his flock of sheep but John was able to turn them away by throwing rocks and yelling at them.

They Came Back


Later on, at around 2:30 AM, John was woken up by his two dogs, Casper and Daisy, barking outside his home and herding the sheep in their pen to one corner.

A Brave Dog


John counted several coyotes inside the pen and there were several more around the area. He said, “they weren’t responding (to me), they were focused on Casper I think more than anything,” and upon seeing that the coyotes were about to attack the flock, Casper started to charge at them.

He Fought Them

YouTube, 11Alive

Casper fought the coyotes for about 30 minutes until they started jumping out of the pen and running off into the woods. Casper didn’t let them get away with what they did and he ran after them.

He Disappeared


Casper caught up to the coyotes at the embankment of the creek and that’s when he disappeared. He took down eight coyotes that night, but he went missing for two days.

He Finally Went Home

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He came home after two days, looking terrible. John said, “He looked like death, I mean he looked terrible. He came back home and he just kind of looked at me like ‘boss stop looking at how bad I look, just take care of me’.”

Taking Care Of Him


John got help from the animal welfare organization Lifeline Animal Project. They closed up Casper’s wounds on his neck and back and amputated his tail. He also had to undergo multiple surgeries, but what’s most important now is that he’s safe and alive.

Watch how Casper fought a pack of coyotes to protect his human and sheep in the video below.

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