18-Year-Old Equestrian Wins Prestigious Horse-Racing Cup With Horse She Got From Craigslist

This young girl and her horse’s journey will surely inspire many others for many years to come.

Meet Sonoma

Sonoma Blakely began riding and racing horses when she was just 7 years old.

The Tevis Cup

At 12 years old, she joined the Tevis Cup, the world’s most prestigious endurance horse racing event with a 100-mile challenge that stretches from Tahoe to Auburn, California

Meet Goober

She’s developed a close bond with a colt named Goober whom she got from Craigslist for free when he was just 2 years old.

Failed Tries

Sonoma and Goober had entered the Trevis Cup several times but they weren’t able to finish each time.

One More Try

In 2019, the racing duo decided to give it another try, and it was the break they had been aspiring for for years.

Intimidating Competitors

They were surrounded by riders on horses valued at thousands of dollars as they formed up at the starting line, but it did not break their souls.

Persevered Duo

At ninety-four miles into the marathon, Sonoma and Goober caught up to the leaders. They were running Florida rider and three-time Tevis Cup winner Jeremy Reynolds neck and neck with six kilometers to go.

Finishing Strong

Goober ran as hard as he could, and after a tiresome hundred miles, a rise of 19,000 feet in elevation, and more than 14 hours of racing, Sonoma and Goober won, finishing only a horse’s length ahead of their competitors. That’s how Sonoma became the youngest female Tevis Cup winner ever at the age of 18.

Watch Sonoma and Goober’s inspiring winning story in the video below.

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