Concerned Students Unite To Save Drowning Dog By Forming A Human Chain

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When we get to a point when we realize how cruel the world can be, we are then presented with wonderful stories that restore our faith in humanity like this one.

Swimming Dogs


Some dogs love the waters. They like swimming while playing fetch with their owners. However, accidentally falling into a flowing river might not be an ideal moment to expect a dog to enthusiastically swim and be playful.

On The Way Home


Ben Camphor and Jack Spencer Furmston were walking home after visiting a coffee shop in Machester when they came across a lady named Batu Akyul.

She’s In Distress


At first, they thought Batu was taking a look at a duck because she was leaning towards the river, but eventually, they noticed that she was worried and in distress.

Her Dog Fell


Later on, they realized that Batu was trying to reach her dog, Sumak, who fell over the canal wall.

They Offered To Help


Ben and Jack immediately rushed over to help as they could see that Batu wasn’t able to successfully grab her dog.

A Smart Idea

YouTube, DeadlinenewsTV

The students formed a human chain, with Ben suspended by his legs to reach Sumak. Other people also went in to help.

Mission Success

YouTube, DeadlinenewsTV

After a while, the men were able to pull Sumak to safety. He was then reunited with his worried owner. Thanks to the kindness of the people around them.

Grateful Doggo


After realizing that he’s already safe, Sumak started wagging his tail as if he was showing his gratitude to the people who saved him.

Watch how these students saved a dog from drowning in the river in the video below.

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