Jealous Cow Doesn’t Approve Of Her Mom’s Boyfriend

We probably are all protective of those we love and care about, and this petty cow’s jealousy is not annoying, but adorable and funny in every way.

Meet Clementina

Clementina is a beautiful cow with a huge personality that charms everyone with her antics and affection.

Crazy Antics

Her endearing nature is enhanced by her capacity to find humor in the silliest of circumstances like getting into funny situations, such as the garbage can lid incident that had everyone in stitches.

Clingy Cow

She is madly in love with her human and loves showering her with kisses. At the same time, she’s also very protective of her.

A Stranger

When her owner’s boyfriend came into their lives, she was really hesitant to welcome him with open arms.

Who Are You?

She would often give him the cold shoulder when he tried to get close to her, an evident sign of her jealousy over his closeness to her human.

Back Off

When he would try to get close to their other animals at home, she would also try to assert her dominance, as if to tell him, “They were my friends first.”

A Turning Point

When Clementina’s owner’s boyfriend’s persistence eventually touched her heart, that’s when things really started to change. It was a beautiful moment of bonding that marked the beginning of a new friendship built on love and patience.

Happy Family

This pivotal event serves as evidence that, given enough time and understanding, even the most unexpected friendships may blossom. The dynamics in the household started to change at that point. Clementina, who had before been leery of the stranger, now seems to enjoy his company.

Watch how the new guy earned Clementina’s trust in the video below.

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