Curious Kayaker Rescues Lost Raccoon In The Middle Of The Ocean

YouTube, Key West Kayak Fishing

Random encounters with animals can be amusing. We do not know when and where we’ll come across a strangely friendly animal – especially when we’re in the middle of the ocean.

Fishing Day

YouTube, Key West Kayak Fishing

A kayaker was just going about his day, kayaking in Big Pine Key, Florida when he spotted something in the water.

A Log? A Dog?

YouTube, Key West Kayak Fishing

He saw something strange, moving in the distance. At first, he thought it was a piece of wood, but he slowly realized it was an animal when it started moving.

It’s A Racoon!

YouTube, Key West Kayak Fishing

When he got a better look at it, the kayaker realized it was a raccoon. Now, what is a raccoon doing in the middle of the ocean?

Sneaky Scavenger


The raccoon might have come from the urban areas nearby and ended up in the ocean somehow, looking for things to scavenge because we know how the sea is starting to get polluted with trash again.

He’s Tired

YouTube, Key West Kayak Fishing

The kayaker didn’t know how long the poor raccoon had been paddling, but he knew he was extremely tired as when he brought him on board, he immediately set down in his toolbox and fell asleep.

Considerate Man

YouTube, Key West Kayak Fishing

The raccoon slept for hours, so the man did some fishing first and caught some to feed to his new friend when he wakes up.

Back To The Shore


The man decided not to use his motor on his way back to the mainland so he would not disturb the raccoon’s nap.

A Perfect Home

YouTube, Key West Kayak Fishing

When the raccoon woke up, he realized he was already on land. At first, it seemed like he didn’t want to leave the kayaker who rescued him, but he couldn’t take him home either. Good thing, he’s found the perfect place for his new little friend. The kayaker said, “Big Pine Key is a wild deer sanctuary with not a lot of people and cars so I think he will be happy there.”

Watch how the kayaker saw and rescued a lost raccoon in the middle of the ocean in the video below.

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