Thrifty 6-Year-Old Saves Up For A Puppy And Gets Rewarded By His Parents

A six year old boy who wanted a puppy so bad he started to save up to buy one got the surprise of a lifetime when his parents rewarded his frugality… by gifting him a puppy!

Meet Xander

Xander is a young boy from Springfield, Illinois.

Xander Wanted A Puppy

For years, Xander tried, unsuccessfully, to convince his parents to buy a dog.

So He Started Saving Up!

This young boy finally had enough of waiting. He decided, instead, to take matters into his own hands and began to fill jars with coins!

Little Did He Know…

His parents had a plan of their own!

They Surprise Him…

Xander’s parents were moved by his dedication. They brought him to his grandmother’s house and told him to wait outside with his eyes closed.

With A Dog!

When the boy obediently closes his eyes and holds out his arms, his grandmother filled them with a tiny puppy named Marshmallow. Upon receiving his puppy, he is so happy that he bursts into tears! It’s impossible to watch this heartwarming video without feeling a little emotional!


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