Kind Contractor Tricks Grandma Into Paying Nothing For Her Roof Repair

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Some stories just show you that humanity is still present in the hearts of many people, and this is one of those inspiring stories.

Meet Jeanette

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70-year-old Jeanette MacDonald lives with her four grandsons. She’s used to being independent in taking care of the household until a problem arose.

Her Roof Problem


When she saw that her roof was starting to crumble down, she contacted a roofing company that started work on it but they eventually gave up for a much more profitable job halfway through the repair.

Her Savings


The original company refused to return Jeanette’s calls so she applied for a government grant to pay for someone to finish the work. The cost of the original work messed up Jeanette’s savings but this grant was taking too long to be processed.

Her Neighbor

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All this time, Jeremy Locke, a roofer who happens to live near Jeanette’s would drive by her house, and he said that his heart sank every time he saw that the damage on her roof was still there.

His Offer


Jeremy volunteered to fix Jeanette’s roof in his spare time, but the old woman refused his offer because she couldn’t have anyone work for her for free. Jeremy then offered to repair the roof at a nominal rate, but still, she refused.

He Came Up With An Idea


Jeremy knew that businesses sometimes hold raffles for free work to gain publicity, so he went to Jeanette’s home one day and told her that he was holding a raffle. Jeanette joined and Jeremy wished her luck despite knowing that she was the only person in the raffle.

Jeanette Won

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A few days later, Jeremy told Jeanette that she’d won the “raffle,” and he was going to start working on her roof the following Monday. In a couple of days, Jeanette’s roof was better than it had ever been.

He Almost Got Away

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Jeremy almost got away with the entire scheme if his wife didn’t tell her friends about the fake raffle. Before the work was finished, everyone in the town had heard of Jeremy’s good deed, and it soon reached Jeanette.

She’s Grateful

Facebook, CBC Prince Edward Island

Jeanette and her grandsons are really grateful for Jeremy’s work. The kind roofer is humbled, even though the work ended up costing him $9,000.

Watch how Jeremy tricked Jeanette with a fake raffle for free roofing in the video below.

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