Kindhearted Nurse Comforts Scared Boy Who Just Underwent Surgery

Facebook, UPMC North Central Pa., Annie Hager

People who go above and beyond the requirements of their work are inspiring. They deserve much appreciation.

Not Your Favorite Place


There’s something unsettling about hospitals that makes most of us, especially kids, hate being in it.

Meet Slade


A young boy named Slade Thompson had some health issues that required him to visit a hospital in Williamsport, Pennsylvania often.

Two Surgeries


He had already undergone two difficult surgeries at a young age. The doctors even had to cauterize his adenoids, tonsils, and both sides of his nose during the second one.

Successful Surgery


Although Slade’s last surgery was a success, he still had to go under anesthesia, but according to her nurse, Annie Hager, kids usually come out of anesthesia in a foul mood.

Mom Is Missing


By the time Slade had come out of his anesthesia, the first person he looked for was his mom. However, she wasn’t around, which made him upset.

Nurse Annie To The Rescue


Fortunately, Nurse Annie was there when he woke up, and when she realized that Slade was crying, she explained that his mom couldn’t be there at the time.

They Became Friends

Facebook, UPMC North Central Pa.

The lonely little boy then asked Nurse Annie if she could cuddle him since his mom wasn’t there, and she said yes. Eventually, Slade’s mom walked in and was moved by the kind nurse’s sweet gesture.

Thanking Her

Facebook, Annie Hager

After a few days, when Slade was already home, he and his mom went back to the hospital to give Nurse Annie a hug and some flowers as a “thank you” for taking good care of him.

It’s Part Of The Job


Nurse Annie said that what she did for Slade was all just a part of her job. She was surprised to receive such acts of gratitude from Slade and his mom. She posted about it on social media and said, “I don’t post things very often but this little guy touched my heart, and his mama’s beautiful kind words and actions have brought tears to my eyes twice now!”

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