Curious German Shepherd Gets Confused Hearing A Kitten Meow For The First Time

Dogs are such adorable animals. They’re not only meant to protect their owners and family, but sometimes they are also good sources of entertainment at home.

Meet Rocky

Rocky is a 3-year-old German Shepherd born on June 8, 2020, who’s now ironically as “curious as a cat”.

A Mysterious Tiny Creature

Rocky seems to never have seen and heard a meowing kitten before so when he met his owner’s new kitten for the first time, he had a hilarious reaction.

They’re Great Dogs

According to German Shepherds Dog HQ, German Shepherds like Rocky can coexist peacefully with cats or kittens despite their significant size difference but it still depends on proper socialization and how the big dog was raised.

Good Boy

And suffice it to say, based on Rocky’s calm and curious reaction to the tiny kitten, that he was indeed raised properly by his owners.

What’s That?

Curious Rocky had no idea what to do with the tiny Kitten at first. He seemed to be concerned that with his huge build, he might hurt the tiny furball when he engages with her energetically so he tried to stay calm and composed as he inspected the kitten by sniffing her.

Are You A Food?

Because he was oblivious about what the kitten really does, he tried to open his mouth and put the tiny furball in it, but when realized that it wasn’t some kind of food that moves and meows, he immediately backed off.

You’re Adorable

Eventually, Rocky got used to the kitten and just accepted that all it could do for now was to constantly meow and move around, and he was fine with that.

Tiny Playmate

Rocky rested in a comfortable position next to the kitten and just let her do whatever pleases her. As for the kitten, she seemed to be getting comfortable around Rocky too despite his intimidating size as she began playfully climbing onto his back.

Watch how Rocky reacted to seeing the tiny kitten for the first time in the video below.

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