Loving Stepdad Officially Shares His Last Name With His Stepdaughter

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Our names are a big part of our identity. How people call us also defines who we are.

Meet Myke And Sarah

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Myke Rousell started seeing his now-wife, Sarah, five years ago.

A Big Family

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The two of them already had families of their own and now they are parenting four kids as a couple.

“Thick As Thieves”

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One of Sarah’s kids was Camryn who instantly connected with Myke. They became so close that she treats him as her real father.

Camryn Rousell


Camryn loved the thought of having Myke as her dad. She was even using his last name wherever she goes, but the only place where she couldn’t use “Rousell” as her last name was her school because she had to use her legal name there.

A Secret

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Myke knew how important it is for Camryn to have a last name that she loves, so he and Sarah started the adoption process in secret to make things legal.

The Big Surprise

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When the big day finally came, Myke and Sarah showed up at Camryn’s school, stood in the hallway with a sign with her new name on it, and waited for her to get out of class.

An Emotional Moment

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It was an emotional but sweet moment between a father and a daughter. The two shared a big hug while tears were flowing down everyone’s faces in the hallway.

A Closure


The gesture also meant a lot to Myke as he, too, didn’t grow up with his biological father present. He told Good Morning America, “It represented closure. It also helps her, she can bank on someone in her corner, no matter what, and that’s me as her dad.”

Watch how Myke and Sarah surprised Camryn at school in the video below.

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