12-Year-Old Quadruplets Celebrate 3rd Birthday This Leap Year

It takes a lot of work to plan a child’s birthday celebration. Now picture planning a quadruplet’s birthday celebration!

Meet The Robbinses

Quadruplets Reuben, Samuel, Zachary, and Joshua Robbins were born on February 29, 2012.

Fun Story

Their parents, Martin and Emma Robbins, were initially merely trying for a baby brother for their oldest kid, but they were shocked to learn that they were naturally conceiving quadruplets.

A Miracle

The proud parents were both surprised and overjoyed when they learned about the wonderful news. Martin said, “If you have IVF, there is a higher chance you will have a multiple birth, but this was natural and it changed our lives.”

They Fought For Them

The doctors suggested that Emma terminate two of the four babies to save the other two but she could not even imagine going through the process so she pushed through with the pregnancy and two months before her due date, she went into labor.

It Was Worth It

When Emma gave birth, almost 40 members of the hospital staff were tending to them. The quadruplets were born with around six minutes between them through a caesarian section.

They’re Unique

Three of the boys are genetically identical, and one of them looks like their older brother. And as they are growing up, they continue to develop their own personalities.

How They Celebrate

The whole family is always excited when it’s a leap year because they get to celebrate the quadruplets’ actual birthday. Martin said, “When it isn’t a leap year, we’ve celebrated their birthday on March 1, but some leap year babies celebrate on February 28, but it doesn’t really make a difference – they can decide when they’re older which they prefer.”

It’s A Wonderful Life

In addition to their regular birthday celebrations, the quadruplets occasionally host birthday sleepovers where their friends can get to know one another.

Watch how the Robbins quadruplets celebrated their 3rd birthday in the video below.

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