Rescue Puppy Receives A Wheelchair Made From Legos

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Seeing disabled animals enjoying life is truly heart-melting.

No More Sacrifices


Thanks to science and engineering, the solution for disabled dogs doesn’t always have to be putting them to sleep anymore.

Wonders Of Science And Engineering


Fortunately, physically disabled animals can now have a good quality of life because of high-tech wheelchairs. There may still be some limitations, yes, but seeing cheerful animals live an almost normal life is impressive enough.

Normal Activities


With the right kind of wheelchair, animals who got amputated or had birth defects in the extremities that prevent proper mobility can still play, run, go up, and down the stairs.

Meet Gracie

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Gracie was only six weeks old when she was rescued. She had several wounds in the skin of her eyes and legs where she was full of worms.

A LEGO Wheelchair

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Gracie got rehabilitated and afterward, received a new LEGO wheelchair which allowed her to walk and have a more normal life.

She’s Active

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As expected, with the help of her unique wheelchair and the people around her who support and take care of her, Gracie can play around and mingle with other dogs.

Making Life Easier


One of the goals of science is making life easier not just for humans but for every species, and that includes animals with disabilities.

Genius Inventions


With the help of continuously growing scientific inventions, excellent ideas that will make life lighter and better for disabled humans and animals will continue to arise.

Watch Gracie and her unique LEGO wheelchair in the video below.

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