Teen Lifeguards Save Pilot’s Life From An Ocean Place Crash

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Accidents can happen anywhere – on the highway, inside the house, and even on the ocean.

A Sharp Nosedive

YouTube, Inside Edition

One sunny day, at around 1:50 PM, a single-engine Piper Cub plane crashed into the waters of California’s Huntington State.

What Happened


The pilot managed to climb out of the cockpit but was unstable and trying to hold on to the side of the plane.

Lifeguard Competition


Fortunately, the plane crashed on the same beach where the CSLSA California Surf Lifesaving Championships were taking place.

Two Heroes

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Fifteen-year-olds Jake Shaffer and Aidan Arie, both captains in the Huntington Beach city junior lifeguard program, did not think twice and immediately dove into the ocean to rescue the pilot.

They Knew What To Do


Aidan grabbed a surfboard and paddled out to the plane while Jake swam toward the pilot who only had a small cut on his head but was in shock.

Adults Came In

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Other senior lifeguards ran over to help get the pilot to shore and then sought medical attention for him.

Brave Champions


Jake and Aidan then washed off after the successful rescue to make sure they didn’t have any airplane fuel then returned to the competition where they won first place in the swim relay race.

A New Experience

YouTube, Inside Edition

Although Jake and Aidan had been training as lifeguards since they were 9 years old, they admit that responding to an ocean plane crash was something new for them, but despite that, they managed to get through the waves while saving a man’s life.

Watch Jake and Aidan’s successful rescue in the video below.

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