Successful Couple With Down Syndrome Shows How Limitless They Can Be

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A person’s disability doesn’t have to be a hindrance for them to not succeed in life.

Meet The Power Couple

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25-year-old Chris Gonzalez and 24-year-old Sofia Jirau are what we call a “power couple” because of how they managed to achieve things despite society’s expectations of people with Down Syndrome.

Kitchen Master


Chris loves to cook. In fact, he is a trained chef, barista, and retail entrepreneur.

His Current Business

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Today, he owns and operates his own food truck, and sells his own brand of coffee beans called CHRISin Limites.

Licensed Driver


In 2014, Chris became the first person with Down syndrome in Puerto Rico to get a driver’s license.

Proud Dad

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Chris’s father, Eugene Gonzalez, is so proud of his son. He said, “He’s persistent. A couple of times, he will fail. But he knows he has to try and try again. That’s what we’ve learned from him. That’s a big lesson in life.”

His Partner

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Sofia has her own achievements too. She signed a modeling deal with the big cosmetic company, L’Oreal, and she also has her own retail store called “Alavett” where she sells clothes, accessories, and home decor.

A Supermodel

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Sofia was the first woman with Down syndrome to be featured in Victoria’s Secret campaign for their “Love Cloud” collection, and, in February 2020, she was also one of the models with Down syndrome who joined New York Fashion Week.

Their Advocacy

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Chris and Sofia are advocates for the “Sin Limites (Without Limits)” campaign which aims to spread awareness about the Down syndrome community and what they can achieve.

Watch the power couple’s inspiring story of success in the video below.

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