Lion Cubs Rush To Reunite With Their Mom When She Calls

Unlike their usually dangerous lives, this beautiful scene provides a very moving window into these “wild” beasts’ lives.

Peaceful Moment

As the quiet, waiting calm of dawn breaks over the Mala Mala Reserve, little lion cubs play with each other in the vast savannah of the sanctuary.

Time To Come Home

Suddenly, faint, low-frequency calls of a lioness fills the air, signaling that it’s time for the little cubs to come home.

Stunning Moment

These sounds, which are barely audible to human ears, are an indication for a mama lion’s far-off cubs to listen and pay attention.

They’re Here

Six cubs then emerge from the underbrush one by one, setting off a spectacular scene that might rival any film release.

Eager To Come Home

Their hesitation soon gives way to brisk runs, and their cries create a joyful and recognizable tapestry of obedience and submission to their mama.

Home Is Where Mom Is

Full of childlike enthusiasm, the cubs crowd their mother, fighting for her attention in an expression of comfort and contentment.

Family Is Love

A rich image of a bond that is both delicate and firm is painted by their interactions, which range from amusing antics to tender moments of care.

They’re Home

Nestled in the tranquility of the savannah, the cubs are a rare and serene sight, nursing close to their mother.

Watch the rare moment of lion cubs running toward their waiting mama in the video below.

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