Litter Of Playful Puppies Swarm Little Boy

Rumble, rumblestaff

No one can resist the cuteness of playful little puppies.

Overtaking The Population


The number of puppies born every day is significantly more than the number of human babies that are born into the world with the ratio of 1.2 million puppies to 360,000 babies.

No Personal Space


The clinginess of newborn pups is adorably evident. They love cuddling with their siblings, and even with humans.

They’re Irresistible


Even if you’re the kind of person who hates cuddles, when a cute little puppy uses his puppy eyes on you, it’s unexplainably hard to say no to a cuddling session.

Gift From Heaven


A lot of people will agree that having puppies is one of the best things in life. It does not only decorate the house with overflowing cuteness but watching a little pup grow and become a mature dog is proudly fulfilling.

Swarmed By Pups

Rumble, rumblestaff

This one boy is living the dream of a lot of people – being swarmed by a litter of clingy puppies!

Little Companions


There’s unexplainable chemistry between puppies and children. Is it because they’re both cute beings? No one’s actually sure.

Cuteness Overload

Rumble, rumblestaff

Just watching the boy giggling with the little furry cuties makes us jealous. Both he and the puppies seem to be enjoying their playtime.

Puppy Paradise

Rumble, rumblestaff

When you’re surrounded by tiny little adorable puppies, it may feel like life doesn’t get any better, and the smiles of the little kid are proof of that.

Watch how a litter of playful puppies swarmed their human friend in the video below.

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