Lonely Koala Gets Attached To Stuffed Toy After Losing His Mom

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Grief is something each one of us deals with differently. No matter what your coping mechanism is after going through a hard time, all is well as long as it helps.

Wildlife Hardships


Knowing that there are also living things that reside in natural habitats brings light to the fact that we need to make efforts to protect and take care of them too.

The Spring Season


The spring season can be a beautiful time for new koalas to be born, but sometimes it turns into a “trauma season” because when koalas start to get on the move, their babies get left behind.

Meet Shayne

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Shayne is a 9-month-old koala who lives with the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

His Tragic Past


When he was just born, Shayne’s mother, unfortunately, passed away in a car accident.

Finding Comfort

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Shayne became lonely after his mom passed away. The only thing that made him through was his stuffed animal.

His Best Friend

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According to his caretakers, cuddling with the plush toy has helped him deal with the trauma of losing his mom at such a young age.

Offering A Helping Hand

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Rosie from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors said that one of their missions is to comfort and take care of animals like Shayne who are still in dire need of lots of love and attention.

Drive Safely


We can help take care of animals like Shayne by driving safely especially when passing through wildlife habitats. At the same time, we can also donate to support organizations like Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

Watch how Shayne is doing so far with his favorite stuffed toy in the video below.

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