Town Leaders Come Together To Retrieve Lost Stuffed Animal

This story presents an event that many can relate to, particularly those who have small children or sentimental belongings.

Childhood Buddy

A young woman from Strafford town has had her stuffed animal, “Cupcake,” since she was 4 years old when she got it for Christmas, and it has since brought joy to her as she grew up.

Missing Dog

One day, Cupcake went missing and her father, Jake McAlpin, realized he just took it to the dump.

Finding Cupcake

Jake’s wife, Meredith McAlpin, took to social media and made a post, asking if anyone could open the dump in the morning to see if her stepdaughter’s stuffed animal ended up there.

On The Move

Town Selectman, Brian Monahan, saw the post and forwarded it to the town leaders to see if they could do something to help find Cupcake.

Into The Dumps

On a rainy Thursday morning, the town leaders went into the dump to look for the missing stuffed animal.

Sense Of Community

They set out on a mission that extended beyond their regular duties, expressing a broader message of empathy and the value of little but meaningful actions.

Fully Committed

The extent to which the town leaders pursued to retrieve the stuffed animal demonstrates the human ability to empathize and the commitment to maintaining those relationships.

Cupcake’s Here!

Brian’s wife eventually spotted the missing stuffed animal. They pulled it out of the dump and handed it to Jake to give back to his daughter.

Watch how the town leaders of Strafford town embarked on a remarkable act of kindness to give back a young woman’s beloved stuffed toy in the video below.

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