Loyal Employee Receives $300k After 27 Years Of Hard Work

YouTube, Inside Edition

Companies need to give more attention and priority to loyal employees who have been serving as the backbone of their business through their hard work and loyalty.

Meet Kevin

YouTube, Inside Edition

Kevin Ford can be hailed as not only the employee of the month but the best employee any company can ever have.

His Career


Kevin currently works as a fast-food employee at Burger King at the Las Vegas McCarren International Airport.

Excellent Performance


Kevin has been in this line of work for 27 years, and through all those years, he never missed, not even once, a single day at his job.

A Small Gift

YouTube, Inside Edition

When Kevin celebrated his 27th year of employment, his co-workers gave him a gift – a loot bag containing a movie ticket, pens, a bag of Reese’s chocolate, and two rolls of Lifesavers.

He’s Grateful


With a grateful heart, Kevin posted his video with the loot bag on social media. Surprisingly enough, the video was watched by more or less a million people.

Raising Funds


Kevin’s daughter, Seryna, initiated a GoFundMe for her dad, telling the story of how Kevin’s hard work sent four of his daughters through high school and college with full healthcare coverage. Now, his retirement is right around the corner.

Donations Came In


Kevin’s GoFundMe page has reached over $329,000. Seryna and her father couldn’t believe all the love and support people all over the world have been giving them.

Grateful For The Little Things

YouTube, Inside Edition

Kevin’s heart overflows with joy and gratitude for all the support he’s received. He said, “I was just saying thanks for what I received. I was happy to receive anything. I’m grateful for the little things.”

Watch Kevin’s inspiring story of hard work in the video below.

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