Loyal Dogs Protect Missing Child In Forest

Facebook, Walton County Sheriff's Office, Florida; Twitter, ES.DECIR

Every parent’s worst nightmare is for their child to go missing.

Meet Marshal

Facebook, Walton County Sheriff's Office, Florida

Marshal Butler from Ponce de Leon, Florida is a toddler who also happens to be autistic.

Marshal Is Missing


On June 3, 2020, Wednesday morning, Marshal went missing alongside their pet dogs. This made his whole family worry about him big time.

They Thought About The Worst


Marshal’s aunt, Kayla Stewart, said they were all worried and were thinking about “all sorts of worst-case scenarios.” So the neighbors and the police jumped in to help look for the toddler.

Finding Marshal


Just within the day, a neighbor named Carol Shelton found the toddler approximately a mile from his house.

His Bodyguards


Carol said, “His dogs were right there with him. We’re thankful that the pups kind of guided him along. I guess they kept him safe.”

They Stayed With Him

Twitter, ES.DECIR

According to Corey Webster from Walton County Sheriff’s Office, Florida, “I feel like they probably knew to stay with him when they saw he was alone. Their instincts kicked in. They stayed with the boy and watched over him until he was located.”

Truly Man’s Best Friend

Twitter, ES.DECIR

There are so many things that could have gone wrong in Marshal’s story. This is proof of how important dogs can be in people’s lives. They are more than simply cuddly, fluffy best companions who bring joy and love, but they are also great protectors.

Good Boys

Twitter, ES.DECIR

Marshal’s family was proud of how well their pets handled the situation and kept Marshal safe. “They’re doing their job,” said Marshal’s mom.

Watch the story from Walton County Sheriff’s Office in the video below.

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