Smart Mama Dog Runs Up To Stranger To Rescue 16 Abandoned Puppies

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Mother instincts don’t only apply to a mom’s children, but they also tend to be protective and caring toward other kids as they can picture their own little ones in them.

Meet Mitzi

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Mitzi Brogdon is the president and director of Street Dog Rescue & Recovery, and she just rescued a mama dog and 16 more puppies in one day.

How They Met

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She was just walking one day when she passed the cell tower near the Oklahoma animal shelter. There, she noticed a brown and black dog on the side of the street who seemed to be waiting for someone.

She Followed Her

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Mitzi approached the dog, and she saw how friendly she was. She let her pet her, and when she was about to bring the dog with her, she saw that she was acting differently and wanted her to follow her instead.

A Litter Of Puppies

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Mitzi said, “She started walking up the path to the cell tower, and I followed her. That’s when I saw all the puppies spilling out from behind this fallen log.”

16 Little Pups

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The little puppies started coming out of the log one by one, and by the end of it all, Mitzi counted a total of 16 puppies.

She’s A Great Mom

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Mitzi eventually realized that the 16 puppies must have come from three different litters and the mama dog, who was named Dolly, must have been taking care of all of them all by herself for all this time.

She Took Them In


Mitzi took the puppies and Dolly in and reached out to 405 Animal Rescue, Safe Haven Animal Rescue, Forever Yours Dog Rescue, and The Fuzzy Friends Fund to help her find homes for the little pups.

They’re In Good Hands


The puppies are now staying in different foster homes while they’re still waiting for people to adopt them permanently.

Best Mom


Dolly is also up for adoption, and the rescuers are sure that she’ll be a good addition to someone’s family because of her kindness and gentleness toward the puppies. Mitzi said, “She’s perfectly adoption ready, she’s a gem. She’s the one who saved those puppies.”

Watch how Dolly led Mitzi to the 16 puppies in the video below.

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