Woman Has Surprise Birth In A McDonald’s Parking Lot During A Snowstorm

This amazing birth story is a tribute to the beauty and unpredictable nature of life—from the worry of an unplanned labor to the relief and happiness of a healthy baby.

Meet The Becks

25-year-old Analysia Beck and her husband, Daniel, just welcomed their son in the most unique way.

Start Of Her Labor

On January 11, Analysia was already 38 weeks pregnant when she felt the stirrings of mild contractions at 11 PM.

It Is Happening

She tried to rest after initially writing them off as fake labor or Braxton Hicks but the contractions intensified quickly, startling her awake with their force, and before she knew it, her water had burst.

Let’s Go

Analysia and Daniel left the house as soon as her mother arrived to watch their two young children, Jayce and Aubriella. That night, Analysia remembers laughingly how Daniel changed into a race car driver and hurriedly headed for the hospital.

But They Didn’t Make It

But as soon as they had taken off, Analysia felt an intense impulse to push. She hurriedly told her husband, “Daniel, you have to pull over. I feel like I’m sitting on the baby’s head,” so Daniel swerved into the closest establishment, a McDonald’s parking lot.

Here And Now

While Analysia struggled with contractions and climbed into the back of their SUV, Daniel hurriedly dialed 911. At 3:55 AM, Analysia started pushing. “I pushed three times and he was born,” she said.

Help Arrived

Just in time, the paramedics entered a scene that was simultaneously miraculous and chaotic. When the baby entered the world in the most spectacular way, they were there to greet him.

Healthy Baby

But rather than hearing her baby cry, Analysia was startled to see that her child was blue, which she attributed to the bitterly cold, snowy weather. However, he was perfectly healthy and passed all of the tests at the hospital with flying colors.

Meet Baby McFlurry

Following this unique delivery, the parents gave their son the name Micah—a significant name for a boy who made such a dramatic entrance into the world. However, they have given him the nickname “Little McFlurry,” a lighthearted reference to the dessert offered by McDonald’s and the blizzard-like weather when he was born.

Watch the unique story of “Little McFlurry’s” birth in the video below.

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