Mischievous Dog Steals Owner’s Watering Can

Rumble, Sash_the_staff

Dogs, even those of the same breed, have different temperaments, and this one has a funny and mischievous personality.

Their Recreational Activity


If you have a dog, you probably know how energetic they can be sometimes. When you take them out for a walk, it’s impossible for them not to run or ask you to play fetch with them.

Playful Animals


Dogs make undeniably good pets because of their playful personality. They don’t mind playing alone or playing with an inanimate object such as a toy, or in this case, a watering can.

Meet Mia

Rumble, Sash_the_staff

Mia is one mischievous dog who loves testing her owner’s patience with her playfulness.

Gardener’s Friend


Mia’s owner has a beautiful garden he waters with his watering can, but the naughty dog steals it and runs away with it.

She Won’t Bring It Back

Rumble, Sash_the_staff

Mia runs around the yard while holding the watering can by her mouth. It’s as if she thinks her owner is playing tag with her.

“Come And Get Me”

Rumble, Sash_the_staff

Mia continues to run around as her owner chases her. Maybe (just maybe) she wants to help in watering the plants?

She Didn’t Give It Up


Up until the video ends, Mia is still holding the watering can without showing any tiredness after some running.

Great Buddies


If you are someone who’s physically active and loves exercising, you may want to get a dog like Mia.

Watch how Mia funnily steals her owner’s watering can and starts a game of tag in the video below.

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