Single Mom Of Six Kids Turns Her Last $5 Into $10 Million With Cupcakes

Her story not only demonstrates her financial success but also serves as an inspiration for others, particularly women and mothers, to follow their aspirations in the face of adversity.

Meet Mignon

Mignon Francois is a single mom to six kids who has also faced a broken marriage that left her tending to her children all by herself.

Her Last Money

Mignon encountered significant financial difficulties in Nashville, Tennessee, during the 2008 recession, which left her with only $5 to her name.

An Idea

One day, while listening to the radio, she heard an advice that struck her big time: to overcome debt through a bake sale, and it led her to turn to baking.

Practice Makes Perfect

She practiced a lot at first before presenting her cupcakes to neighbors as she started her baking career, and her big break came when one of her neighbors saw her masterpieces and asked for 600 cupcakes for her customers.

Big Risk

Using the last $5 she had on ingredients, she made $60 the same day and $600 by the end of the week. With this, the Cupcake Collection was launched, an endeavor that would defy expectations and odds.

Going Up

Mignon’s creative approaches and close relationships with her clientele are the cornerstones of The Cupcake Collection’s success, and she increased the scope of her marketing initiatives to encompass SMS and digital messaging.

Cupcake Truck

Additionally, she unveiled the cupcake truck, which served as a promotional tool and a mobile bakery.

Great Leader

Mignon also has an empowering and inclusive management approach. She said, “I listen to (my employees). They tell me what it is that they need from me.”

Mom And Entrepreneur

But Mignon’s life story is just as inspirational as her business success. By juggling her responsibilities as a single mother and her business goals, she shows that major challenges can be solved with perseverance and faith.

Watch Mignon’s inspiring story of success in the video below.

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