Only Child Of A Single Mom Has A Heart-Melting Reaction To Seeing Her In A Wedding Dress

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Single parents do not always get credit for the hard work they’re doing for their kids despite the reality that they’re superheroes for being able to provide and care for their family all by themselves.

Meet Sommer

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Sommer Jean was a single mom of an 11-year-old kid named Mekhi.

Their Sad Past

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Sommer was in college when she had Mekhi and was in an abusive relationship during most of her child’s early years.

A Hard Life


Most days, it was only Mekhi who ate anything because his mom couldn’t afford food for both of them. Sommer said, “It was either he ate, or I ate – and he ate every time.”

Supporting Each Other

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Sommer and Mekhi have faced a lot of challenges together and they both made it through all of them stronger than before.

Meet Jeff

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Eventually, Sommer met a man named Jeff, and as she was very protective of Mekhi because of her previous relationship, it took her a while before she introduced Jeff to him.

They Got Along

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At first, Mekhi was hesitant to get attached to Jeff but eventually, upon seeing how gentle and loving he is toward his mom, the young boy started “coming out of his shell” and letting Jeff into his life as well.

A New Chapter


After some time, Sommer and Jeff decided to get married, and Mekhi’s reaction to seeing his mom in a wedding dress is priceless.

An Emotional Moment

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Mekhi and Sommer shed happy tears on her wedding day. The young boy was immensely happy for her mom and they were both excited to enter a brand new season in their lives.

Watch Mekhi’s heartwarming reaction when he saw his mom in her wedding dress in the video below.

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