Dancer’s Mom Steals The Spotlight With Her Groovy Moves

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Our parents can surprise us in a lot of ways. Sometimes, we can’t imagine how they manage to pull off supporting us with our needs since we were born, and sometimes they casually reveal how youthful they can still be even at an old age.

Their “Mini-Me”


Moms tend to have a special bond with their daughters. One of the reasons is probably because they see themselves in their little girls.

Mother And Daughter Bond


Women have a lot of ways of bonding with each other. Some mother-and-daughter duos love having girls’ nights to bond with each other, while others prefer venturing out on various adventures.

Her Passion

YouTube, Laura

Laura Claudia Pululu, also known as Low_dancer, is an Instagram personality who travels around the world to show off her incredible talent in dancing.

Her Number 1 Supporter

YouTube, Laura

Laura’s mom has supported her career for years. She’s traveled with her from one country to another, cheering her on.

A Visit To France

YouTube, Laura

Laura got booked for an event at LAX Dance Studio in Paris, France to perform her dance with the people in the studio and shoot an amazing video.

Her Mom Stepped In

YouTube, Laura

They had some extra time after the shoot so Laura’s mom stepped up. As a hip-hop song played, Laura’s mom surprised everyone with her amazingly funky dance moves.

Such A Good Time

YouTube, Laura

As the mom was pulling off her dance moves, everyone in the studio was clapping and cheering her on. Even Laura couldn’t believe where her mom got her amazing talent from.

Proud Daughter

YouTube, Laura

When the dance was over, Laura immediately walked up to her mom and hugged her.

You can check out the outcome of the video they shot below.

Watch Video Here:

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